That reading thing... (Blog A today...)

As I've mentioned I've started two classes this week... and here are my textbooks for these classes. I've read a little over half of what I need to read for tonight - yeah, I know...read!!! -
... but I have to confess, just like when I was in high school it's hard to read what you "have" to read versus staring at what you want to read, which is sitting in a pile next to you as well...

Don't get me wrong...they're all good books to glean from...but I'm torn. Between the have-to's and the want-to's. And the have-to's I do want to, but I'd choose them on my own time and own terms... ya' know. Has anyone read any of them?? A favorite in that top pic?? Maybe it will inspire and spur me on. One is written by someone I follow on twitter...and I thoroughly enjoy it so far (that's the one I'm half done with...).

Anyway...school work is calling... (as is blog b...).


Bex said...

you seriously shouldn't send any more money on your course books...just borrow them from me!

Michelle said...

I should... I'm just such a 'underline' kind of person... hmmmm... I'll see what's coming up - because I haven't bought them all yet.. Thanks BEX!!! =)


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