My hubs says...

I'm a little competitive. But not with everyone. There is this weird somewhat ferocious ugly side of me that comes out when friendly competition is at hand. Maybe it's because I'm no good at actually participating in sports (can't throw a football, take a shot, make a goal, throw a frisbee...), so I know I'm not going to win anything that way. I was a statistician for basketball in high school, scorekeeper for volleyball... (I did march in marching band, and while I lettered, many would say that isn't a sport - but it does take lots of coordination, etc. - don't knock marching band - I'll come after ya! And we did do pretty well at that...) But sports are just not my thing. And that's ok.

However - I LOVE to watch sports!! Not just oh that's on, but to watch!! With younger kids in the house, the number of football games I actually get to sit and watch is low, especially since east coast games start here at 10 am, right in the middle of church... And many days I opt to entertain them so Steve can watch... but I LOVE football!!! College and pro! I really enjoy college basketball!!! And anyone who knows me knows I LOVE LOVE hockey!!! Aaaahhhhhh - it's wonderful!

So about that competitive thing. My pseudo way of competing is through... FANTASY leagues. Yep - I'm one of them. I do fantasy football, fantasy March Madness, I did fantasy World Cup (and I also do Fantasy Survivor). Here's the part my hubs thinks is funny. I really talk some trash with a couple of co-fantasy players. OK, so maybe just one. It's Fowler. I don't know why or how or what but my whole goal for any fantasy season is just that Fowler won't win. Steve (my Steve) always tells me to take it easy, so I don't get fired. I told Fowler that one day, and he told me I'd get fired if I wasn't talking trash...

So, a few days ago, I rejoined for 2010, and again, my team name is Down With KFF (Fowler's team name is Kung Fu Fighters). Who knows what will happen this season. Over the last couple of years I've competed in all these leagues and finished in the top 3. There's pressure - that I put on myself to do well. Or maybe it's just that competitive edge... I don't know.

Either way --- Football is here!!! Survivor starts in 2 weeks!! I'm ready!!! Here's to friendly competition, a lot of laughter, few battle wounds...and a lot of fun with friends... (BTW --- I respect Fowler to the N-th degree! He rocks! Trina rocks! Their fam rocks!!)

Anyone else a fantasy league nut like me?? Are you competitive or complacent? Do you check stats all day, or just the next day when it's all posted?? Who's your quarterback??? I've got Peyton Manning --- that's a pretty good pick!! ;)


Bex said...

Haha, I don't think that you have to clarify that you actually do like Fowler. :-)

What? Survivor starts in 2 weeks?!?!


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