So, I picked up a box at church tonight. I know...it's my day off - what am I doing checking my mailbox?? I can't help it. I walk by - I look in it. Tonight...I'm so glad I did.
I am just now enjoying what I found there...
For a long time I've had a favorite music group. They are actually a married couple - Scott & Christine Dente, who have a group/duo called Out of the Grey. Steve and I discovered them back close to when we first got married. You could say we were groupies in the early days. Their first cd came out in June 1991 - and I was nearly obsessed. I played it all the time. If they were playing in town - we were there. Churches, Six Flags - you name it...we went. Early favorite songs - He is Not Silent and The Deep. Still favs. I got every cd they issued. They are incredibly talented musicians ... and I just love their music. I love Christine's voice. I love their artistry. Scott played for a while with Phil Keaggy and Wes King - incredible 3 guitar show... (oh...that's where we heard that Wes King song for the first time... I'll have to blog about that a different day --- teary now just thinking about it...). They are both musicians who love Christ and honor Him with the gifts He has given them...and share that with us. I can't count the number of days, times, moments when I've just blasted their songs --- my co-workers at Providence probably were so sick of the song Disappear - I think it's fab!!

So, a few weeks ago, I was listening to Out of the Grey a lot and started a little looking and stumbled upon christinedente.net and read about a new album release... Voyage. Yep. The one in the picture. That was what was in my box today --- with a personal note, from Christine saying "Thank you for investing in us and our music! Christine." Handwritten. Then she and Scott signed my cd. I know, it may seem like not a big deal...but to me it is. I've met them a couple of times. They don't know me from the next person on the street... but I am and have been grateful for their ministry to me through their music and I'm convinced this new cd is nothing less... the songs are based on a book of Puritan prayers and I can't wait to dive in... and yes, I'll be adding the book to my reading list too. Anyway --- check out christinedente.net or Out of the Grey on iTunes or on YouTube or Facebook or wherever. I'm a fan.


Bex said...

VERY cool! Happy for you! I know how much it means to have something personal from a transformational group/ person in your life. Hooray!


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