8 Minutes...

I have 8 minutes until midnight and sure want this posted before the clock strikes twelve. OK, so I don't have a clock that will strike twelve, but it'll be midnight either way... Eight... Eight... Eight... Here we go.

EIGHT things I did today
  • 1) Slept until about 8 am... =)
  • 2) Had a fun Mama/Kaylee day
  • 3) Ate at PF Changs for lunch (mmmmm... lettuce wraps)
  • 4) Talked with my hubs about a phone call he got
  • 5) Played a crazy fun game in the backyard with Noah that included a plastic cup, 3 Coke cans, the blender pitcher and a potato
  • 6) Disappointed some people that I surely didn't want to disappoint...
  • 7) Turned the sprinkler off after we watered the backyard for about 3+ hours.
  • 8) Ate a Dove chocolate

EIGHT things I DIDN'T do today...
  • 1) Go to work
  • 2) Laundry
  • 3) Get gas for the van (I'm now on fumes)
  • 4) Any Homework...yet
  • 5) Make a real dinner (gotta love pizza leftovers)
  • 6) See Kaylee's new Nike shirt from her papa
  • 7) Dust... I really need to
  • 8) Finish this list...
Whew... one minute to spare... Hope today was a great day for you... What did you do?


Bex said...

This is a great post! love it.
Go see R&B without me, if you haven't already! It would have been fun but I think the time/ window has passed and I don't want you to miss it. Next time!

Michelle said...

If it doesn't work we have a dd release date set!! Our house, popcorn, and all the rest a girls night at the movies will bring!!!!!

Laura said...

i love this. it's simple but entertaining! thanks for doing the forty days of blogging! i LOVE reading your posts and i LOVE doing it myself. but even more i LOVE hearing people say 'i want to write one now!'

thanks for being an inspiration! :)


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