OK...so I'm probably one of the last people to join this "blog" generation...I'll bring others along with me, and many will be SO surprised...but here it is. My first attempt. Thanks for travelling this road of blogging with me...together, I hope, we'll encourage, share, laugh and live this life we have to live in a manner honoring to God...and compassionate towards others. Who knows where we will go together?? Do you?? If you have any thoughts on what I should write about, let me know... I'm completely open to suggestions (remember I'm new to this? Are you bored already?? I hope not...)

Thought of the day: Regardless of the world around you and all it brings your way...know you are sitting in the palm of God's hand...rest there, and know He has everything under control...and whatever happens, He will ALWAYS be true to His word...and has your best interest at heart...

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