Like it was yesterday...

Yesterday was August 6th --- I mentioned a happy anniversary to Erik & Jeanne-Ann, and a happy birthday to Michael... Michael was born 16 years ago yesterday (we were at Erik & Jeanne-Ann's wedding calling up to the ATL every 10-15 minutes for updates --- we really really really really really wanted the scoop on this baby coming into the world!!) And Michael's parents are truly two of the sweetest, amazing, most wonderful people I've ever met. I know... many of you fit that bill (honestly you do)...but Kimmie and Mike are definitely on that list! We became fast friends oh only forever ago (ok, it seemed like forever ago) when we first got married, and this guy who worked in the milk section at Kroger was always so nice to us. Enter the picture --- Mike. =) Steve and Mike are from the same mold in many ways --- I've been thinking about him a bunch lately because our kids are starting to love Sponge Bob (I haven't acquired that taste yet)...and Mike loves Sponge Bob...so many days I wish he was close by to watch SB with Steve and the kids. I can hear him laughing even now. Kim (his wife) --- yes, she's amazing too. In her high school yearbook someone wrote "Kim - stay the piece of perfection that you are..." Yep --- that's Kim. Adorable, kind, easy to talk to and listen to... she rocks. OK, so you're wondering ...why all the love for this couple?? Well, after mentioning Michael's birthday yesterday I just wanted to hear Kim's voice (it's been, well, wwwwwaaaaayyyyyyyy too long since we've talked - like probably 2 1/2 years or so...THAT'S TERRIBLE ON MY PART...TERRIBLE!!!) So I was sitting here this afternoon, looked up the number and dialed - sure that they would be off doing something - let's face it - they have 7 kids, the oldest of which is Michael - then there's James - then Julia, Marianne, Scott, Will, and Stevie - they've got to have something going on. Ring, ring, ring, ring ring... pick up and I'm sure it's the voicemail when I hear 'MEESHIE!!!!' And I call out 'KIMMIE' - and yes we were doing all those trying to cram 2+ years into minutes conversations, but I felt as though I was sitting in her kitchen or family room, or her in mine, and we were fully present, fully aware, fully appreciative for the few moments we had to spend together.

Can I just say I know I'm blessed --- I have great friends. We have great friends. God has had our paths cross with so many people that somehow "get" us --- and we're weird - no doubt about it. And yet they stick --- we may not live next door to each other, but I know there are many of you that if we needed something - you'd be there...and we hope you know that if you needed something --- we'd be there. Thanks for gifts of laughter, memories, getting to know us, allowing us to get to know you, accountability, longevity, commitment, care, love, grace, endurance, perseverance and more. We are truly grateful.

Just thinking about even last week or so I was thinking about being grateful for friends --- and here I am again...same thing. OK, this'll be honest - do you ever have those days when you wonder if you dropped off the face of the earth if people would notice?? I'm not saying that as a doom and gloom or a negative nancy kinda thing --- I'm just being honest by saying there are days I feel that way. I'm not in a season like that right now (wait til it's cloudy and rainy...) - but here's a note to me for one of those days --- hey you... you have great friends who you know care about you --- so don't be a doom and gloom girl or a negative nancy (this by the way is not a reference to a specific person, it's just a saying).

I've had other good friends in recent months that we've reconnected with as well. It's pretty amazing how in so many ways it seems like it was yesterday the last time we spoke. I know years have gone by. I know I'm not the same, and neither are they... but there's just something about REAL AUTHENTIC FRIENDSHIP HUH!!?

In honor of the friends you have --- take a sec today to just say HI and connect with someone you haven't connected with in a while. It's totally worth it!!


erik w/a "k" said...

Awwwww...Mike and Kim! Love them! Miss them.


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