We're going to have a visitor or two...or three...or...

Can I just say...I'm excited!! Time is creeping ever closer when we will be having the friends and family begin to file through...I don't mean file, like oh, drop it in there and think about it some day - I mean file through - maybe file by is better. Like a parade. You can't wait for it to come - you want it to last for forever - you just enjoy what's in front of you, but then again, can't wait to see what's coming and you talk to everyone around you about what you've seen, what you are seeing and what you are about to see. Yep - that's me!! Starting in just 16 days our first guest of the "season" arrives! Melissa is coming! Oh how amazing frequent flyer miles are! On how amazing friends like family are!! I can't wait to see her - hug her around the neck - play rummikub until all hours - eat warm chocolate chip cookies with whipped cream on top - laugh so hard we cry, or snort or whatever ... YIPPEE!!! And then...about 5 weeks later, Steve's parents are coming for a week!!! Then...Jennifer is coming at the beginning of July (not sure of dates yet...oh...be praying for Jennifer...she had ACL surgery...yuck! I wish we could be in ATL with her to take care of her...). Anyway - YEAH!!! Jennifer is coming!! Maybe she will bring her Rimbaldi box along!! Oh- a friend and an Alias fix all at the same time!! (smile...) Then...my parents are coming sometime later in July...yippee again! whew!! That takes us to the end of July...and I know it's just the beginning... Hmmmmmmmm. We need to figure out some new "spots" to visit...any suggestions?? Thanks!



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