Fun...but cold...

So...yeah - it's April 30th - almost May. Which means FIELD TRIP TIME!!! Yep - Kaylee will probably have a couple more, but today was the first of the field trip craze. She desperately wanted me to go...and how could I say no. The last couple of weeks have been crazy, this week is SWEAT (our middle school church fundraiser)...so, yep - I'm a mom and wife first - so off to the Willamette Art Center I go this morning. It's the art center. It's a field trip involving clay, clothes you can get dirty, and 75 1st graders!! I was SO excited. I have to admit - my excitement dwindled a bit to find that we would be outside. Now, in Atlanta (I know...here I go again) it's a delightful time to be outside - the pollen is winding down and its warm. Today - oh my...we (not just me, but everyone) were freezing. Parents were hiding in their cars to keep warm. It was a bit nutsy...

BUT...it was worth it! Carl, the "instructor" for the morning, was FABULOUS! He did such a great job keeping the attention of the students, and walking them step by step through the process of making their very own turtles - that will rattle w/ skittle sized pellets inside. I don't want to call them turtle rattles, because that makes it sound like a baby toy. These were 75 individual works of art - complete with body, head, tail, feet and markings uniquely made by the students. They did such a good job. I was so excited to be there, despite the biting wind and cold. I can't wait to see them after they are placed in the kiln and fired up...big fun!!

We enjoyed a picnic style lunch - Kaylee sat in my lap for a good bit of it, trying to keep warm, but then said she wanted the chair for herself so she could eat...(smile). As we were finishing lunch, dark clouds appeared...and yep, it started to pour and I mean pour. Gratefully it held off that long, but as I left I had to walk to my van parked a bit away, and when I climbed in - I was a freezing cold wet mop. Dripping wet - I mean dripping! I kinda wish I had a camera...then again, maybe not...then again - I would have gotten pictures from the art projects to show you...oh well.



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