For my friends in the ATL, this may seem silly - for a new "small town" girl, today was HUGE! One of our beloved favorite drive-thru's opened today! SONIC! It was grand opening day --- we had to drive 11 miles to get there (point of reference - our last house in Atlanta had 1 less than a mile away...). It took about 20 minutes to arrive where literally cars were backed up in line! Sonic had 4 employees just directing traffic weaving through the adjacent parking lot, around the side & back of the shopping plaza there, to pull into the back part of the Sonic parking lot, to meet another attendant asking if you want to drive thru or drive in. Kaylee & Noah were SO excited. After waiting in line 18 minutes, we get to talk to the gentleman with the walkie talkie. We'd prefer to drive in, but if we need to drive thru it's fine. The voice on the other end of the walkie talkie squaks through and says they just had a drive in open up...a spot for us! It was fun to hear the kids squeal excitedly as they saw the menu, remembered they had tater tots & onion rings, hear Noah debate himself about the type of slushie to get. Kaylee - she knew hands down what she wanted - Noah...he always takes a little while to decide (ok, sometimes it can be a lot of while). Me? Yeah, I knew what I wanted...and no...it didn't include a Coke. I got a cherry limeade...YUM! Sometimes it's just those simple things that make you feel good...and today, that included just being with my kiddos, eating some of our favorite food, and enjoying the sunshine (even though there was a cold wind). Hmmmmmm...how long do I have to wait to go to Happy Hour (1/2 price drinks @ Sonic every day 2-4 pm) - to get another cherry limeade?? Hmmmmmm......



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