Price is Right...Part 1...WOO!HOO!!!

OK...now that was fun! Tonight was our first round of The Price is Right - our big event for the spring, where students are encouraged to bring friends that haven't typically been a part of Flipside or Link or Crash before... Tonight the high school group had their shot at $1000 in prizes and giveaways. I really believe it was definitely a success! Lots of fun! Lots of new friends! Lots of fun games! Lots and lots and lots of laughs - thanks to Kevbo's unbelieveable descriptions and commentary, and Erik's new hair-do and skin-do and students who were crazy and fun and nutsy, and longed to be married to Bob (Barker that is...). It really was so much fun! I'd love to give you lots of specific details, but since we are doing round 2 with the middle school students, and many of the pricing games & prizes are the same, I have to wait, just in case...But...you can check out Erik's blog and Becca's blog for some glimpses of the fun...and their stories. Middle schoolers watch out - if tonight was any indication, we're gonna have an absolute blast! We saw lots of new students, and laughed so hard our sides hurt. So...get ready...we're gonna do it again...and I can't wait!!!



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