Every Knee Shall Bow...and every tongue confess...

So...I got home a little late tonight from Crash. The phone rings on the way home and it's Chele - calling asking me if I saw "it". Ok, I'll bite - what IT are we talking about here. She wanted to know if I was watching American Idol, which I wasn't obviously since I was on my way home. Then...my jaw dropped to the floor as she tells me that they closed "Idol Gives Back" with SHOUT TO THE LORD. Not that I didn't believe Chele (I did), but part of me couldn't believe that they would close with this song...it's a favorite. And it reminds me every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Watch it for yourself here. God, I trust that Your word will not return void, and thank you that Your ways are not my ways. You amaze me. Thank you that millions of people tonight were praising You. I'm sorry they took your name out (Jesus)...but Lord, nothing compares to the promise we have in You!!!


erik w/a "k" said...

i am with u...but there are a lot of people who were really angry about it! (Shepherd instead of Jesus...I'd like to point out that Shepherd is a name for Jesus). Check out this website...www.idolgivesin.com read my reply on the update page

Bo Lane said...

It's only a name for Jesus if that is the intent of your heart.

:) Btw, I'm the guy who started www.idolgivesin.com.



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