Now...that was amazing!

So...I'm home after our biggest outreach event of the year. The Price is Right! It was CRAZY FUN and just plain ol' CRAZY! We had 24 contestants, 6 pricing games, 2 great hosts, amazing leaders and a total of 275 wild and crazy middle schoolers all in the same room! Add 4 unbelievable "commercials" which were testimonies from students who have accepted Christ this year at Crash. These students were clear about the decision they made, honest about how their lives were changed as a result of Him. I even turned to Josh earlier today when we were watching the footage and said they were going to take our jobs. And that's ok by me. These students get it. They own it. The longing of their lives and hearts is to be all God created them to be...and to live their lives loving Him. Man...that was fun. Let's do it again.

If I'm most honest, I just didn't know what to expect.
I totally believe in our students, but you just don't know as time approaches what is going to happen. You give it your best effort regardless...but these students amaze me time and time again. At an average Crash we see about 120 students. There were SOOOOOO many new faces and friends to meet. Our students did a great job bringing friends, and starting conversations to introduce them to CRASH and a place to meet Jesus.

Highlights included seeing Trent's reaction to getting a Starbucks gift card - and jumping up into Erik's arms; great t-shirts from the students saying "Bob Rocks My Socks Off"; hearing a student say how much they love Neil Diamond; Hailey & Celeste's great hats; Kailia playing Plinko; cheers as Cliffhanger was brought onto the stage; Connor winning the remote control car; Jerry driving in the Harley; hearing students scream for their friends and their schools; seeing 2 visitors in the final showcase...to sit back and smile watching students listen intently to students talk about how God has revealed Himself to them this year... And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Now the real fun begins! Getting to really meet and talk and live with these students. I've been thinking a bunch about the fact that each of these students have a name and a story. That God had a specific reason for bringing each of them in the doors tonight. And I don't take lightly the fact that He has entrusted them to us...He wants our team to play a role in the lives of these students. Yeah, the fun is just beginning...can't wait to see how He works in them...I can't wait to hear the stories... Keep praying for them and for us...as we turn the pages of this new story and see what He reveals to each of us... To copy the words of Brandon & Riley, I just have to thank you Lord.


erik w/a "k" said...

great blog...GREAT event...GREAT LORD!

I am believing God for some awesome "return" on your efforts in putting this on for students. Buzz around school, conversations between students, students showing up at Crash to find out more about it.


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