PNW District Conference

I attended my first district conference with the Christian & Missionary Alliance. It some ways it was like an old glove - just being with those who love Jesus and desire nothing more in their existence that to serve Him wholeheartedly. To see people who have been faithfully following and serving Him for 50 years, those who are in the midst of losing a loved one who they have faithfully served alongside, those who have been faithfully serving for just a month or two...those who serve in churches that are just 2-3 people on staff to those who are larger that have 50 people on staff...those who serve in a place where the name of Jesus can be boldly proclaimed unashamedly...those who serve in a place where while words must be chosen carefully, the heart and proclamation of Christian love and service is undoubtedly the same. That's just a taste of what the last week held. It was odd to be in a place where I knew so few people, and at times it was evident that I didn't really know many people. Then...there were times that I felt so a part of what was happening - that I was overwhelmed by the fact that I was sitting in the room. Amazing how you can feel so in awe, excited, scared, frightened, overwhelmed, and encouraged all at the same time.

Highlights - taking Paula's pics with all the "somebody's" at the conference, laughing hysterically with the rest of our church team @ Shari's and hearing story after story after story that was living proof of what I already know - that people are real, and it's an honor to serve arm-in-arm with them; going to Wunderland with about 25 other youth pastors and winning some and losing some (shush Josh...I'll catch up to you on DDR someday...) and playing one game that was SOOOOO addicting - and I don't even know the name of it - but it was one where we drew a crowd, which has never happened to me before @ an arcade; hearing the amazing stories of those serving overseas and the victories God is displaying in these areas; listening to Kelving and being reminded of Ichabod's and Ebenezer's...and so much more.

And...hearing the names of those who have completed the licensing & ordination/consecration process...that's another blog for another day...but...I've started my application for licensing with the C&MA. Man, that's a huge step for me. (OK...I could go off on that one for a while...remind me to come back to it later.)

Now, I'll admit - in the midst of it I missed my family - up and back to Portland for two days...late nights, seeing the kids for about an hour on Tuesday was hard - and I didn't even see Steve that day...that really stunk. I'm ready for things to slow a bit so I can just be...with them.



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