I love what I get to do...

I love being a wife and mom! I love getting to spoil them - and love them - and have them as part of my life! They are the best! They make me laugh! They stretch me! They spoil me with their laughter and their hugs and their mere existence. And if they weren't enough (which they could be...)...God for some reason gives us a HUGE family with our church family too...

Wednesday night is CRASH!!! It's our mid-week middle school night at church where we talk about the practical things of every day life, and God's view on it...trusting that in the process that these students will see just how madly in love with them God is - how He has a plan for them - how He knows them in and out, good and bad - and loves them, loves them, loves them...and so do we! There is an amazing team of about 25 people who make these nights possible. Leaders from all walks of life and across the age spectrum who are called to this ministry of loving middle schoolers and being God with skin on.

So...in January we talked about the topic of family. Honestly - I loved every minute of it. In so many groups around the youth center students had a chance to honestly talk about their lives - we heard so many stories of students with great relationships with their parents, and students who longed for better relationships with their parents, and so much more. But this week was even more special. Josh shared about how we can all be part of God's family - adopted - chosen - loved - accepted. How regardless of what we each do, He still loves us. How we are His. And while there are still many discussions to be held, and how we can see God at work in the lives of many of our students - 3 of them accepted Jesus that night!

The even more amazing part of it is when they say Thank You for praying with me! Thanks for walking me over to the worship center to pound a white ribbon on the cross! Thanks for helping me commit and surrender to Jesus! And I on the other hand am thanking them - for allowing me to have a front row seat in seeing God eternally transform them... I'm overwhelmed by the joy - and humbled by the experience. These are great great students...and I serve a great great God - who loves me - adopted me - adores me - loves me - accepts me. Whoa!


Josh Mann said...

Amen, sister. Wow!


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