I've been in Oregon for a year...

I almost can't believe it. In some ways it seems so much longer - in some ways it seems like yesterday. The journey this year has been a good one. Honestly, not always easy but good. There are definitely a few things Steve and I didn't figure in to the equation of what life would be like here...but in the midst of circumstances, we still believe this is where God has called us to be. This is still His time, His place, His desire for us. And so...a year has passed.

It was kind of surreal to watch this day flip over on the calendar. Remembering saying bye to Steve (who was staying in Atlanta to wait for the house to sell), saying goodbye to family and friends, saying goodbye to a dream house, saying goodbye to really almost all I had ever known...and entering a new world, on literally the opposite corner of the country. But all along trusting in the God who is constant, amazing, gracious, giving, and good.

Do I miss Atlanta? Sure - I miss the people the most. I'm so grateful for unlimited long distance, facebook, email, text messaging...you know - those modern technological inventions. And honestly, I miss the stuff that is comfort of living in the big city - lots of shopping options, lots of drive thru options, lots of food delivery options - truly not really important in the scheme of things, but man, it was nice. Noah still asks a couple of times a week to go to Chick-fil-A - then he smiles and says, I know, when we go back to see Georgia.

It's definitely been a year of stretching in more ways than one. Not always comfortable to do. But..."it is what it is"...that's a phrase that has started to stick with me and a couple of our middle school leaders here. Part of me is starting to wonder what it will be like next year when we pass this date...what will happen this year? My bet...more stretching. More trusting. More amazement. Thanks for sharing it with us...



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