It never fails...

It never fails when I get an opportunity to share during our middle school ministry (I guess I could say "teach" instead of share...but that's so, I don't know...). Anyway - this month at Crash we are talking about purity. Not the easiest of topics to talk about with middle school students. I think there is such a tendency in our society today to just hang it up and not even try to convince anyone (not just students) to live a life of purity. That it's not just about getting to the "aisle" and then whatever...this is a choice of a lifetime. It doesn't change once you have a ring on your finger. Every choice you make can affect your thought life, and then therefore your life. God protect my eyes, ears, speech...May all I do be honoring to you.

In the midst of preparing for the talk last night, I just kept thinking about my own experiences, and all the different people I know who have been a part of my life journey so far. I think about those who challenged me because their view on life was different - and their standards different too. I think about those who encouraged me and their view on life was the same. About those who I have a lot in common with. About those who at one time I had much in common with, and now...well, not so much. And those I get to joyfully journey together with now. And then I think how God continues to paint this extraordinary picture and my life is the canvas. I'm a part of the artistry (which still amazes me), but not because it's about me. It's about Him. There's so much more to this life I can't see or understand. And I don't know that I'm supposed to. But I am supposed to follow. I am supposed to seek Him. I am supposed to serve Him joyfully.



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