I love to LAUGH!

OK...so tonight our friends the Williams' came over. It was a long week and the thought of just being with friends sounded good...so...we're so glad they said yes to coming over for dinner. The kids all had a blast playing in Noah's new "fort" (the deal of the day @ Target getting a 5' x 5' Spiderman pop-up tent/fort for 75% off! - this thing is huge!). OK...way off topic.

Here's what I loved about tonight. We laughed! I don't mean a ha! that was funny. I mean laughed hysterically - laughed til we cried we were laughing so hard! And when Steve really gets to laughing it's so hysterical you can't help but to be in hysterics with him! We were laughing so hard for so long that the kids came in wanting to know what we were laughing at! Honestly, I had no clue. I had to ask Steve if there was something funny. And it was just that we were all in contagious laughter together! It was so much fun!



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