What a great couple of days we've had! Monday the kids were out of school for SNOW and ice. Well, here on our street, Monday was "just" slick with ice in the am. Actually Steve did a bit of slipping and sliding on his way towards the interstate to get to work...but by mid-morning, you'd never know there had been a dusting of snow on the ground. Kaylee was so excited she threw on her clothes and went out to stand in the snow-dust kinda slipping as she went saying she wanted to ice skate. I'm just looking out there and saying this isn't "real" snow." You know - real snow - the kinda stuff you can make snow angels in, pack good snow balls, make a giant snow man - the kind that flocks trees beautifully, that is like a breath of fresh air as you look and sigh at how peaceful, bright and amazing everything looks...sigh... This was definitely not that kind of snow - but in the minds of the kids - they were THRILLED to see any form of white stuff and kept saying - it is real momma it is real snow! Well, yes it's real, but it's not REAL. I'm not saying it was fake snow by any means, but it wasn't a true picture of just how great snow can be!

By 10:30 we were over it...and I was trying to figure out a way to go find some...when the phone rang and it was Chele saying they were going to find some...so...we joined forces together, made phone calls to people we knew that lived in other parts of town trying to find the white stuff that had closed down the schools. We decided to just drive and find it, leaving right after lunch. Let me say I've never see the kids eat so fast in all my life - and they jumped up from the table and almost in one pounce landed in their snow pants and jackets ready for whatever would come our way. We piled into the van, ran down the street to pick up the Condello's...and headed on our way. We ended up about 30 minutes south of here in the town of Turner - and went to the City Park there to find...REAL SNOW!!! About 3-4 inches, maybe more!!! We ran, threw, made snow balls, snow angels, a snow fort, Noah put snow down my back - we had a blast! It was another really fast hour (check out blog just after new years)! I mean time flew so quickly!

Flash forward to Tuesday night...at this point of course there is nothing around. I'm heading out to meet my small group, when I see these big white things floating down from heaven (of course it's a gift from Him). REAL SNOW! I mean big chunky flakes. But about 1 mile south of the house - nothing - so I'm assuming it's a fleeting moment of beauty. About 30 minutes later my phone starts ringing off the hook with Steve and Erik and Chele and Jeanne-Ann all calling saying come home, the roads are covered with white, it's slick...so...I head out. Again, when I step out of church there is nothing...but about 2 miles south of home...beautiful. Peaceful. Amazing! White stuff everywhere! I was so excited. I pulled into the driveway to be met by flying snowballs thrown by the kids. I asked why they were in their pjs...and they immediately ran inside to put on some "real" clothes and we proceeded to make a small snow man, and throw snow balls...etc. A great fun memory of what should have been bedtime which was quickly changed to just having fun together and living in the moment! And the next morning @ 7:45 we were suiting up again to head to the back yard and enjoy the 4+ inches of snow we had! It was GREAT! We built a snow man that even lasted through the heavy rain of Thursday!

Why is it that we don't get tired of simple things like snow balls, snow angels, throwing, building, laughing, stomping, falling in this great white stuff?? Hmmmm... I love snow! It's SO much better than rain - it can be cold and snowy and you'll still go out...but cold and rainy - ick!! Who knows...maybe we'll get more this weekend.



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