I'm not bitter...but I must confess...

OK...there's just a few things driving me a little batty:

1) I'm ready to hunt down Punxsutawney Phil in PA - how dare he say 6 more weeks of winter!?? Many will tell you I was doing great with this delightful extended liquid sunshine that we've received this winter. I was hopeful, fine, ok, enduring, happy-go-lucky...Then...someone had to go and mention that we had 6 inches above normal of rain in the month of December. Then I started to hear the seasoned locals talking about how much more rain there had been this year, and my attitude began to dwindle. I'll take the snow over the rain (sorry Linda). I can be cold and in the snow, but cold and rainy... Now, I'll admit the last week has been pretty good - great sunshine - great view of Mount Hood and Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams - and SNOW! WOO!HOO!! So...sorry Phil, I'm listening to General Lee from good ol' Lilburn, Georgia who says forget the 6 weeks...spring is on the way! Here comes the sun! Actually, I'm really looking forward to the flowers coming into bloom - can't wait for the Tulip Festival and the Iris Festival - when you drive around the corner and see all the fields with the flowers, it's so beautiful! I can't wait!!!

2) My feet are in need of flip-flops. Never in my life have I worn through a pair of socks and I did yesterday. Toes sticking through the socks because I'd worn them out. Did I mention wore them out. Now...this girl from Georgia is not used to wearing socks, not to mention shoes. I am not a shoe girl. Amy would be in shock at the number of pairs of shoes I have. Granted, Steve works for Nike and that's definitely increased our shoe apparrel, but I am not a shoe girl. I pick one pair of flip flops and one pair of sandals and wear them for about 3 years. I had one pair of sneaks that lasted me about 8 years. 8 years - I bought them right after the Condello's moved to Atlanta, and purchased new ones right before I moved to Oregon. My feet are ready to rebel. I know - a real "Oregonian" would be wearing Birkenstocks or some other "green" shoe already and not worried about it...I'm not quite there. Because believe it or not I also have ice feet when I'm home. So this is where I'm going to contradict myself. I love my fuzzy warm socks. The ones you wear around the house when its cold, but even those I just wear for a little while before taking them off...But for me, to wear through a pair of socks...times they are a changin'.

3) Why do people leave shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot at the grocery store!!??? UGH!!! Just put your cart away. It wasn't even really raining tonight - just barely a sprinkle..and there's a cart leaning up against my van...UGH!!!

Man, I sound like such a whiner. I'm not...just a few things I wanted to vent about...I'll hold in the angst until the Super Bowl tomorrow...and I'll just whine about the Pepsi ads.



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