Totally humbled...

...that was today. I'm amazed that we are in Oregon. It's been nearly a year since we moved from Georgia. In some ways it seems like yesterday, it some ways it feels like we belong. Today we attended the "Leadership Forum" at church - basically a huge family gathering for all of those who serve as leaders in all the different ministries at the church. Literally - the entire main floor of the worship center was full. I am not good with numbers, and that doesn't really matter. But what mattered to me was the faces - actually it was the hands.

As I mentioned I was humbled. As one of the "new" members of the staff this year, I was one who got to serve communion towards the end of our time together. I held the glass with the "juice" representing the blood of Christ poured out for us on the cross. Now if I'm totally honest there is part of me saying should I look them in the eye, look at the ground - do I smile or nod? do I move the glass up and down based on people's height? But after just a few people came by I just started looking at faces - and seeing the heritage of our church pass before my very eyes - many who are retirement age, some who are younger (but not nearly as many). Looking at feet oddly enough and thinking the number of times they've walked into their respective ministry areas and faithfully walked with Him there...and about how lovely on the mountain are the feet of them who bring good news... And looking at the hands who serve Him so faithfully. And then remembering, again and again as each piece of bread is dipped, how He knows each name, each heart, each purpose, each unique design, each work, each prayer, each struggle, each joy, each head of hair, each heartbeat. He is such an amazing God.

Then I was struck by the words of one who said that the work that is being done by him and others right now is the foundation for the work He is going to be doing in and through the younger leaders coming along. How they are preparing a new building for "us"...to be about the Father's business unhindered by any number of different circumstances. It was humbling. For such a time as this. For such a time as is to come. For the One and Only God worthy of our praise, adoration and service.

Lord - I am totally surrendered to you and what you have for me here. Lots of it excites me. Some of it scares me silly - which only confirms that it has to be of You, because the only way I would ever do it is because I trust You. Please continue to protect my heart, my time, my life, my family - that I am who you created and designed me to be first and foremost...and that the role you've called me to will completely be an overflow of Your work in me.



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