What's up with me?

OK...here we go...another somewhat negative blog. Why am I doing this again? Before it was just these random things that were bugging me...now it's just me having a frustrating day. Nope, it wasn't people, it wasn't work or family or the van, it wasn't the rain or Puxsatawney Phil, it wasn't cheating sports teams or missing family and friends, or being in any arguments...

I was just ditzy... Yesterday I was trying to do the right thing and do some laundry and proceeded to wash Steve's cell phone, ruining it...so water-logged. I tried to use the hair dryer...no luck. This sucker is deader than dead. So, while at work today, I asked around and a couple of people may have "old" phones from cingular so we could get him a replacement until he's due for an upgrade...

Then...I get home this afternoon, take a few things out of the back of the van, while I am talking to my mom on my phone, and while closing the back of the van, the phone slips from my hand and crashes on the garage floor. I pick up the back and the battery, put it back together, it turns on and I see a shattered screen (not the glass, but the interior screen/picture). It was like flushing money down the toilet! Ugh!! I busted two cell phones in less than 24 hours. UGH!!

Steve told me all afternoon that I wasn't being me. I just feel stupid. (sorry kids, I know I don't let you say that word). I think I'm a fairly responsible person - I take care of my stuff - why do I get bugged when I do stuff like this? Why is this bugging me so much? Is it because I'm too addicted to having a phone? Being available? I don't think so...I just don't like doing things that seem careless. I know...accidents happen...and the phone is just "stuff" - but man, it really stinks. Especially since we're not close to an upgrade on either one...thus asking friends if they have a leftover cingular/att phone we can borrow for a while.

So...if you call and I don't answer, please don't be upset if I don't call you back. I can receive calls, but if I miss it, I have no way to see that I have a message waiting...and there's no way for me to text. And...I can't make a call, unless I have the phone number memorized (whereas I don't have most numbers memorized, that's the benefit of that thing called an address book).

Oh... kind of a big part of why this is so frustrating ... I got this phone late last summer. I decided to cross-over into palm world last July - and long story short got scammed by a guy on craigslist who sold me a bum phone...and then a combination of a nice person at at&t and an upgrade, etc. got me a new treo. Longer story short, I've had tons of problems with this phone (that when it works right, I really like)...so last week I received from the warranty department my 3rd replacement handset (I'd also received new batteries, new extended life batteries, etc.). And then...my one-week old "new" phone drops on the floor of my garage...sigh...

OK...I just got back to my computer after taking care of Noah. It's a little after midnight, I'm sulking about a silly piece of metal, and my little boy comes in with aching feet and they really really hurt. You know those growing pain cramps you get - I used to get them in my calf - he gets them in his feet. I just got back, and start to read about how shallow I am and how truly unimportant this broken phone is...and how much more important it is to care about the people in my world, or those who suffered in those tornadoes last night, or those who are out sleeping in the rain...I can be so selfish. I almost deleted this whole thing, to just avoid it all together --- but no. It's a process I guess. A continual reminder that I am a work in progress.



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