Happy 2008!!

We're here! 2008!! A new year! How many times have you messed up writing the date? I messed it up all day today. Just one of those silly things that remind you that time flies by...I feel like I just got used to writing 07 on everything. OK...so here we are on the west coast right? (duh) I have a little something I don't really understand about the whole New Year's celebration thing.

Back up a little - we spent New Years Eve with some friends, hosted by the Condello's - dinner and fun, and then the other 2 families headed out to get wee ones to sleep, while we with "older" (ha!) kids let ours stay up until 9 PM!! WOW! That translates to midnight on the east coast - so the kids stayed up to watch the ball drop in Times Square, New York, and set off party poppers and scream happy new year, and make a mess of the family room. It was a blast! Then...we put the kids to bed, and entered the game zone waiting for our "real"midnight to arrive.

So - here we are ready to toast in the New Year - playing our game a little faster knowing that 11:30 is approaching...which means watching New Years' festivities on tv getting ready to countdown with the rest of society...only...here comes Dick Clark & Ryan Seacrest from NEW YORK! Hello - it's 2:30 am in New York - they're not re-living the "live" broadcast for the west-coasters - it's TAPED! it's a REPLAY! it's NOT LIVE! What?? Are you kidding me? We're on the west coast - home to Seattle, LA, San Francisco and let's not forget the booming metropolis of Salem and Keizer. Why isn't there some giant celebration for the world to enjoy from the West Coast? Hawaii needs to know the new year is coming - do they have to endure Dick Clark & Ryan Seacrest, or Carson Daly, or whomever they choose, knowing that it happened 5 hours earlier??!?? That's ridiculous!

Come on Hollywood! Step up! Create a celebration of all celebrations to ring in the new year...or we can create our own "drop" here in Salem - I'm open to any suggestions. (Maybe a rhino drop??) Then we'll pitch it to the networks and get someone to join us in our quest to bring the west coast up to speed on HAPPY NEW YEAR!!



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