Me...Snowboarding...HA! Take a chance...

Yep - it's true - I delved into the world of the pacific northwest...actually, we took about 120 middle school and high school students out to Hoo Doo (yes, that's really the name of it) to go play in the snow for the day! Tubing, skiing, snowboarding, falling, stomping, throwing, burying, eating, laughing, jumping, you name it...we did it! It was a blast! And I'm not just talking about the 50 mph winds at the top of the lifts (no, I didn't get to the tip-top...).

My plan for the day had just been to wing it. I was excited to try skiing again - it'had only been 20 years...I was ready to really just tube for the day - let me say, I ended the day at the Autobahn where they had 9 tubing runs (I think that's right). It was hysterical fun! I never imagined I'd go so fast on an intertube! You start off by clipping a rope to a pulley that takes you up the hill - then you climb out and up to what I call the launch area - you pick a lane and then wait for the ok to take off... 7 and 9 were clearly the most intense, and had been closed for most of the day! One of the girls talked me into doing the double tube and we went down one run together! And it was faster than the single...we were laughing so hard! Soooooo much fun!

OK - Back to the earlier part of the day. I had intended to just chill, and tube, and be wherever the students wanted to go...and then was almost triple dog dared to try snowboarding. Erik said that when I was on the east coast I skiied, and now I was on the west coast and I needed to snowboard instead. (Note - I have nieces that are great snowboarders and earlier in the week they told me I had to try that instead...they are "east" coasters...and they are fabulous girls...who I can assure you are 10000 times better at snowboarding than I am.) Anyway - so...I succumbed to the pressure and I got a board - and out I went.

Gratefully I was not the only "newbie" to the world of snowboarding. Our new friend Paula (who was here visiting and considering joining the student ministries team at Salem Alliance with high school) was in for the same training I was. Wes was kind enough to put up with my complete ignorance about how to do this thing - my only agenda was to get down the hill without falling, because then I wouldn't have to get back up. Let's face it - I had 4 layers of clothing on - thermal underwear, jeans, sweats & then my ski bibs...did I mention that the temp was 1 degree!! YIKES! Anyway - and you may or may know that my back is anything but straight, so it just doesn't bend like it should. (Back story - another story for another day) So, combine too many layers with too many curves in my back and you get the hysterical site of me trying to stand up from a fallen position in the snow! HYSTERICAL! The good news was - my first real run down the easy hill (I'm not sure what they really called it) I made it most of the way down without falling! I was SO SO SO SO SO excited. I tried and tried to stand up, but it didn't work, so I finally decided to loosen the board and just walk the rest of the way, or at least loosen one boot, and then glide like I knew I could. So, in trying to separate myself from my board I ended up with a blood blister on my middle finger of my right hand (Kaylee likes to tease me that I have marker on my finger!). Anyway - it doesn't hurt...just a reminder that I was on a snowboard.

My last run was truly hysterical. I got back on the lift --- fell AGAIN getting off the lift, but I came SO close to not falling over that it was a success in my book. I went over the bench to attach my board (that way I didn't have to stand from the ground, pretty smart huh?) Well, I think I expended all my energy prior to that, because that run, there was nothing I could do to go down on my board. I fell 8 times going down this "easy" hill. I was laughing because I wanted to "master" this getting up thing, and man, did I have every opportunity. At times I couldn't get up because I was laughing so hard at myself. Obviously I did get up after I fell...despite the 4 layers and curved back...and with thanks of another lesson from Erik... Despite the fact that I fell so much, it really was a blast.

It's fun to try new things. It's fun, sometimes, to be stretched to do something you wouldn't normally see yourself doing. Sometimes it's not so fun. It kinda is a picture of faith - sometimes you just have to move forward on something knowing it's what you are supposed to do...even though you don't want to fall, or maybe you don't even want to stand up, or you may be a little nervous or even downright scared...but you've gotta push through it and trust that you'll make it. Here I am, back in Keizer, away from the snow...but not sore anymore - and remembering that I'm glad I get chances to stretch... God's good to bring about those opportunities everyday. It's just my choice as to whether I take the chance to experience what He has for me. I wish I took more of those chances. I'm sure I miss some of them.

So...take a chance on something new today. Remember He has great things for you to experience. Sure - you can be comfortable with the same ol' experience...but take the chance...you may be a little sore, but in the long run...you'll be so glad you did!!!



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