Strengths Finder

OK...this is so unlike me I can't even believe I'm doing it. Our Student Ministries Team is getting ready to spend some time going through a book Strengths Finder 2.0. I'll be honest - I received the book, and while I never intended to chuck it across the room, I received it with a bit of "ugh" in my mind. I'm not a deep thinker - or analytical - or anything of the like...but I am...well...let's wait a little while on that. The premise is that your strengths are most evident through pouring your time investment into developing your natural talents. Does that make sense? I'm obviously not the author of this book, but let me share the example. Someone really wants to play basketball. They spend gazillions of hours on the court. They are not Michael Jordan. They may have the heart to be Michael Jordan, but they don't have the natural ability. And furthered the point by indicating Michael Jordan is clearly gifted in basketball, but did not exhibit the same successes in golf or baseball, which he also definitely fought hard to do. Michael Jordan's "thing" was basketball. How much more joy, passion, enjoyment will you/I have in concentrating on our strengths and recognizing the gifts and pitfalls those talents may bring.

So...anyway (you can tell I'm fairly sold on the idea already can't you). Here's where my attitude changed. Part of this book is taking an online assessment, which most honestly seems a bit daunting. 177 questions, rating yourself in comparions (some of which are completely related and some of which have nothing whatsoever to do with each other). AND...you answer each question in 20 seconds. After completing the assessment you receive a personalized document detailing your "strengths," including attitudes, actions, feelings, common threads of those strengths. I'd detail what it showed but our team is going to be discussing the book, and we're not supposed to discuss our results...but I can say that the individual document nailed me in a number of ways. And the very casual participant became someone who really is looking forward to digging in more and seeing what that means...

So...I'll keep you up to date...in the meantime...go get a copy of Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. Enjoy.



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