I love my kids...

I just have to say ... I love my kids! I love how when I come in after being away even for a little while that they race over to me, or when I pick them up from their class at church they let out a big "MAMA!" and quickly clean-up to come over to where I am, or how they curl up in my lap to watch tv or read a book, or how they want to be right with me when I'm in the kitchen cooking, or how they want to play a game, or how they put their cold hands or feet on me or Steve, or how they are protective of one another, or how they just want me to lay down with them every night and not leave the room, or how they...oh, do most everything. They are such gifts to me. They make me laugh. They make me smile. I like them. Don't get me wrong - I have my icky mom moments, frustrated about toys strewn all over, but, that doesn't change that I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!

Steve and I saw "The Bucket List" tonight (great flick - go see it! some language I'd change, and a comment or two...) and it led us to discussing what would be on our "list". I've already spent time talking about how I'm not this big planner, goal-setter or even dreamer (which is kinda scary sometimes). But...my "list" would include things like: to see our kids living their lives as fully-devoted followers of Jesus, that they still like us when we are adults, to have Jesus say well done good and faithful servant, to be a blessing to my family/friends, etc. Not so much "activity" driven, but people driven. To make a difference in the people world...not the commercial world. To make a difference in the eternal world. Some of those things aren't quite so measureable maybe (not like go skydiving, or get a tattoo...). Just like I can't measure the joy that my kids bring me. I can't wait to give them giant hugs in the morning. Maybe I'll go do it now...

What would be on your "list"? Do I have stuff I'd like to do? Sure. Go on a cruise. Go to some caribbean-like location and enjoy the beach and sunshine. Visit the Grand Canyon. See other parts of the world. It reminds me of Amazing Race (which would probably be on the only "reality" show I'd ever think about participating in...). Just go and do. I think in the "race" component it would push me to do the adventure of it... Sorry - tangent. So...back to topic, what would be on your "list"?



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