We're buying a house...

I can't believe it! Man how things change in a week! It's a quick week, but kinda a long story - to make it short...we've bought a house. Contract is signed. We've met with the mortgage guy. The permits are applied for. Yep. Permits. The house is not built yet. We've signed a contract on a plot of dirt - no foundation - no pipes or plumbing - no walls or roof. Nothing. Yet. Within the next four months it will turn into a new 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath two-story house. Unbelieveable! The kids are excited about it because we've been telling them we can't get a dog until we get a house. Kaylee brought home a "how to care for your dog" book from the library at school. Noah is excited about his new puppy. Me - I'm still thinking that we won't have a finished back yard or a fence to start...so the puppy might have to wait a little, but a delightful little dog will bring additional joy to my kids and my husband - it's a done deal - eventually. We can't wait to have a place that really is our own. To plant roots. To settle. We've been here a year. We've had 3 different addresses, not to count the 3 addresses we had the last 8 months we lived in Atlanta. So that will be 7 addresses in 2 years by the time we move in. WOW!



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