Thank God for SPRING!!

OK...officially spring doesn't really start until March 20...but really - we've had some great weather here lately --- WOO!HOO!! Flip flops are out! The kids have been saying to me, "mom, sometimes you have to listen to the kids" - because usually I'm the wear your coat, shoes & socks mom...only to have them lately "boiling with sweat" (according to Noah). Now, I'm not totally off...but I'm REALLY ready for Spring to stick. I say that as I hear the rain falling outside. But there is something about sunshine! There is something about seeing Mt. Hood, and Mt. Angel and Mt. Jefferson off in the distance. And don't forget those really good days when you see Mt. St. Helens...or maybe even Mt. Rainier...whew! Majestic! Beautiful! Amazing! I LOVE SPRINGTIME!!



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