Easter Service...on Saturday night...

OK...so our church had a weekend full of Easter services planned. And let's face it - Easter Sunday is one of those weekends, gratefully, that lots of people enter the doors of a church. In planning for the big attendance expected, they asked us to consider attending Easter service on Saturday night instead of Sunday morning. I'll be honest - I didn't want to do it. I was willing, after all, I work at the church and I should honor the requests made by them, and set a good example right. Honestly - inside I was grumbling and not excited about it. Even Kaylee said, "But Mom we have to go to church on Easter."

Saturday morning I was talking to Jeanne-Ann, making final "plans"...and again we confirmed that yep - we'll go Saturday night...when all of a sudden God was gracious to remind us that the time in Israel is like 11 hours ahead of us...so by Saturday night, it is Easter morning at the place where Jesus rose from the dead - where God did something unbelievable...for each and every one of us. I don't know what it was about that simple idea that completely changed my attitude but it did, and after that I honestly couldn't wait to get to the church and celebrate with Christ's family His resurrection...and the service was wonderful. Noah stayed in the sanctuary the whole time. Kaylee sang "Let the Praises Ring" loud and clear. We celebrated with the Condello's & William's and the rest of our church family. The sanctuary was full on Saturday night. It was a great way to put my heart at the foot of the throne of God humbled, grateful, excited, joyous...

Then...last night I was thinking about it a little more...why is it that I was bummed? I mean honestly, I should be ready to celebrate the miracle of the resurrection every hour of every day. It's not something tagged only for Easter morning. Is it wonderful - sure, absolutely, no doubt...IT'S LIFE-GIVING! But I have that every single second - with every breath I take...then I was kicking myself for a while and asking my gracious God above to forgive me...again...it was though I put Him up on the cross one more time... It's not about me... It's about Him...and surrendering my life to Him...I feel like I've written that before...it's a life lesson. One I'm grateful He's patient enough to teach me... HE IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN INDEED!!!!!!

(oh, p.s. the worship team sang a song - True Love by Phil Wickham- ...but man...I love it...I wish I could get the video that went with it too...it was good stuff!!! Thanks Scott for painting for us again...He's given you a great gift - thanks for using it for His glory... And thanks worship team, for being available, and faithfully worshipping Him...and allowing us to worship along side you...a glimpse of heaven)



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