I'm SOOOOO excited...

OK...it's a really worldly-minded thing...but I'm so excited! In this season of television where our favorite shows are not on, or are cancelled...one of my favorites is coming back this summer!! Last night when Steve and I were watching tv we saw a blip at the end of a commercial, or right before a commercial, showing the logo of our long-lost fun show...THE MOLE!! I love this show! It's intriguing to me! It's got that reality show thing going for it - challenges or things you must accomplish individually or as a team, but the twist of this one is that one person is "The Mole" - and they strategically figure out ways to mess up the whole thing. The challenge isn't necessarily to win the challenges, but to figure out who "The Mole" is. It's so much fun!!! At the end of the episode the contestants take a quiz to see who they think The Mole is...the person with the least number of correct answers is the one who is sent home.

So...I CAN'T WAIT!!! Thank you ABC for bringing this show back... It'll be strange not to have Anderson Cooper as the host since he's hangin' out with CNN in the ATL these days (I thought he was fabulous...). I'll keep searching. And you...keep watching to find out when The Mole is coming this summer!! YEAH!!!


erik w/a "k" said...

WOW!!! I am so glad I read your blog. I love that show! Specially the celebrity edition. Hilarious!


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