Who is that?

That was what I heard a good bit of the day today - mainly because when I tried to talk it didn't sound like me. I woke up this am with...NO VOICE! Can I just say it's hard to get ready for the day, and get kids ready for the day with no voice. It was pretty funny. Funnier was when I called into the office to tell Linda I would be in after some errands. Trying to whisper she couldn't hear me, then I talked into what I refer to as the "man voice" - I equate it to being as close to Barry White as is possible. Honestly - my voice hits a new low when I get this throat crud. Linda was completely freaked out and wanted to know who was on the phone. I couldn't help but laugh...it was funny.

At Crash tonight we were all losing our voices ... there was soooooooo much energy in the room, even with microphones and good voices, it seemed nearly impossible to get people to focus...it ended well though I think. Finally. Poor Josh even handed off the mic to me at one point - his voice was straining...I just had to stand up there and wait for people to quiet down...what else do you do when you can't talk loud...and when my voice had recovered enough for the man voice to be gone?

When I got home tonight Kaylee was walking around with a notepad writing down all the things she wanted to say, telling me (well, writing to me) that it was hard to talk...and then she would mouth the words for me to read her lips (because she told me this morning that I didn't have to whisper for her - she could read my lips...). She's so adorable...

Please pray for me that my voice will be strong by the weekend. I'm supposed to do a responsive reading for all the Palm Sunday services this weekend with Paula, Ali & Johnny (whom I haven't met yet...).



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