We did it!

We had an Unwin 4 Christmas. For the first time in our immediate family history it was only the 4 of us for Christmas morning. Honestly - there was a part of it that was hard - missing family and friends, and remembering moment by moment times from Christmas past. On the other hand - it was really nice to just be us, relax, keep the house a mess, hang out together with no agenda so to speak...and just let the kids dig in and grab one gift to the next. Besides, Steve was sick, so he was able to watch the present extravaganza and then go back to bed for a few hours.

So...the kids scored big - again. Steve and I of course got the amazing fix of our van - and I got a Nike warm-up suit, yeah! and Steve got Planet Earth! We can't wait to watch it (have you seen it? another blog for another day!) The kids had a blast - from beginning to end.

Back up a couple of days - we had the most fun last Thursday morning. The kids came in noticing another morning where the presents were not under the tree, and I told them they weren't wrapped yet, and they said, well, mom, you can do it now. And so I proceeded to go into the closet, close the door and wrap presents - then put them out the door one by one for the kids to come get and place under the tree. It was hysterical! They were so cute as they called out to the other to say there was a gift for them, or to hear them trying to figure out what it was. Noah even at one point said, mom we like shaking them to see which ones make a fun noise!

Fast forward to Christmas morning. They were under strict warning that there would be no present opening before 7-0-0 (that's 7:00 am). Kaylee was up @ 6, and Noah at about 6:30. Steve was up of course (his body clock had him up early, not to mention not feeling well), but he got into the shower around 6:45, when Kaylee then came in a crawled in bed with me, placing her delightfully freezing toes on me and saying, "Ah, a warm place for my feet." (She is my girl - my feet are icebergs too!) Long story short - 15 minutes later we were all in front of the tree as the kids opened their gifts. Kaylee's highlights - Razor Scooter, Daisy Meadows Fairy Books, Magic Tree House books, Tea Set, a couple of craft kits, a camera & a robe she has hardly taken off in 3 days. Noah's highlights - Solar System mobile, Super Spy DVD & book, Mars mission Legos, Pirate ship, Seahawks shirt, Leap Pad, Space Shuttle set, remote control cars, games, and puzzles. Then, they both got a WEBKINZ - the gift of the year. So cute!

Oh...I just remembered one of my favorite moments of Christmas. At church this weekend I got to go to the service with Kaylee. She normally attends children's church during the hour that we have our middle school program, so it's a HUGE treat for Steve & I to do church with her. Anyway - on the morning of the 23rd, Josh Mann, my middle school ministry partner, was a part of the preaching team with our pastor John Stumbo. Josh did a great job painting a picture about the concept of Messiah, from Genesis to Jesus' birth - and how Jesus was indeed THE Messiah - Kaylee leaned over about half-way through Josh's message and said, Mom, why is Josh calling Jesus 'Messiah'? Now - part of that brought a yikes for me - why doesn't she know that? should she? did I mess something up that she wouldn't know that? don't let me say something that is going to send her into a tizzy of "huh"? On the other hand - here's my 7 year old girl, sitting and listening to a guy she is getting to know as a friend and a pastor and a teacher, hearing what messiah means, and processing in her head Messiah = Jesus, and wanting to know more! Talk about a Christmas gift! WOW! It was a couple of years ago on December 23rd when she told me she wanted Jesus in her heart, and I had the thrill of praying with her - and I love seeing her grab her faith as her own, not a tradition or even something that is just accepted because mom and dad say so - to ask questions, to be a young critical thinker (which is so much her daddy, moreso than me), to honestly want to know what it is she believes and not just that she believes it. Oh Lord, may you nurture this girl and grow her into the woman of God you want her to be. May I be the mom she needs, to play my part in preparing her for the call you have for her. I pray the same for Noah, except that he be the man of God you want him to be.

OK, I'm a long cry from waking up early Christmas morning for the crazy opening of gifts...but then again, it's all about Him isn't it?

P.S. Oops...I didn't mention that we weren't alone the whole time...our extended family here was our friends, The Condello's - who we've known 9 years, and somehow, someway, in God's great scheme of things He's placed us just 3 houses apart on the same street in Salem, Oregon - a long way from where we met in Georgia. Our kids are the best of friends, as are we the adults...to share Christmas meals with them, and Christmas Eve service as well, was just the bonus of being able to call them friend...and family! Thanks Condello's...for everything.



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