Are you kidding me??

OK..honestly - I was out on Christmas Eve to pick up a thing or two and there was VALENTINE'S DAY stuff on the shelves!! You've got to be kidding! When are we going to slow down and just enjoy the moment vs. racing so fast to the next thing, and therefore missing that which is right in front of us. UGH!!! Seriously - do we want to spend our life looking through the front windshield...or through our rearview mirror? Which view is better? The rearview mirror - about a 2" x 6" reflection, seen only in a glimpse or two, and wondering hey, what was that thing on the left... or looking out the front windshield - clear views to every side, huge picture, the road before us with so much to see... Sorry - just had to vent! and sorry, I'm not buying those Valentine's M&M's until late in January!!


erik w/a "k" said...

I saw it the other day too and i flipped out!!! the rear view isn't so small if you're in the backseat and looking backwards though.


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