Lots of Family Fun...

We're all about having a few new traditions this year. We've kept some standards - cutting down a real tree, pierogies, setting up the nativity, reading the Christmas story, exchanging gifts...we still have to put handprints on the Christmas tree skirt, get our new Christmas pj's, listen to Christmas Shoes (just kidding)...anyway, I'll stop rambling. A new tradition which was so much fun was our introduction to the Christmas Festival at Silver Creek Falls State Park (is that the right name?).

Grace called a few days earlier and invited us to go, after we all came to their house for a little late morning breakfast. Then...we jumped into cars and headed towards Silver Creek. Somehow we ended up with the girls in our van which was fun as we sang Christmas carols together!! We had 4 vehicles full of people, young and old alike...and we had an absolute blast!! Volunteers set up the entire event, from hot chocolate and cookies, to a free Christmas tree (which we picked up for the youth center), to craft after craft after craft --- decorating Christmas bags, making birdhouses, constructing gingerbread houses, designing and making wreaths from pine clippings, making ornaments...and more I didn't even see. Noah wanted to go "see the mountain" with his Daddy, so after making his gingerbread house, he and Steve went to hike and see the waterfall - he's such a boy! And he loves his daddy (so do I). It was a bit cold, so I was grateful for those big heater lamps. Kaylee of course was into every craft she could try --- I'm not sure about her, but I think my favorite was the wreath making...although there was a lot of sap on our hands afterwards. But the best part of the day was just being with family and friends and celebrating the season together...listening to Christmas carols, laughing, enjoying the fun... We'll definitely go back next year.


erik w/a "k" said...

What a fun day that was! You are really quite the blogger! I am very impressed. Hope it's not just a fad. ;)

Michelle said...

Just hold me accountable friend! It was a fun day! So glad our families get to share more of those on a regular basis!! Since we won't be with you in the ATL for New Years, I guess the next is J/A's birthday =)


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