Pierogie day!!

An Unwin tradition - Pierogies... while our Unwin family in Michigan had about 15 people to make 600, we had 4 to make 100, and we had a blast! For those of you who don't know - pierogies are wonderful potato and cheese filled delicacies originating from the Unwin Polish heritage. I've heard them best described as delicious, amazing, did I mention delicacies? Ok...to the pierogie novice, they can be described as kind of similar to ravioli - but the dough is yummier, and they are filled with (as I mentioned) mashed potatoes and cheese. There are just not enough good words to describe. So...the kids were ready to go. Steve, bless his heart, indulged my idea to go ahead and make them when he got home from work, even though he was truly exhausted...but as he agreed - these are pierogies we are talking about. Now, the effort put into these small edible bites of joy is quite intensive. The entire process took about 4 1/2 hours...not including clean up. But it's sooooo worth it... We did give the kids an early Christmas gift, which made the afternoon that much more fun - aprons and chef hats...now, it's on to the eating!!! YEAH!!!



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