Things don't always turn out like you planned...

So...yesterday on a last minute whim we tried to just go out with "the adults" - get a sitter for a few hours - and head out to see the new National Treasure II: Book of Secrets, with Nicolas Cage. So - the sitter comes and the 4 "grown-ups" head out the door. We get to the theater to find the movie sold-out. So...not seeing another movie on the marquis that looked interesting, or showing at a time that would work, we climb back into the car to figure out another plan. How pathetic were we that we couldn't think of anything else to do that really sounded good? It was a classic "I don't know - what do you want to do?" kind of moment. Not wanting to "waste" the time out we ended up sending the guys back to relieve the babysitter and to feed the kids dinner, while "we" the girls went to see the movie at another theater in shift 1 --- then 2 1/2 hours later, the guys loaded up the cars with the kids and came down and we did the "switch" so the guys could see the later show, and we could get the kids home to bed...so we all saw National Treasure, but it wasn't exactly as we planned. When I got home and the kids were in bed, I saw the original movie was on tv, so it was cool to look back at the first National Treasure and see the correlations and things I might not have appreciated as much if it were a longer time between the two. That was fun. And when Steve got home we talked through the movie as though we had just seen it together.

Now - we loved the movie! It's a definite must see! And it's worth seeing in the theaters and not waiting for the dvd to come out.

Moral of the story --- when you have a night planned - have a back-up plan just in case something happens that's unexpected.



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