A confession...

Somehow during high school I never learned a foreign language. Nope. I got to use my extra elective credits to do more music classes, and yearbook. Last part of my Senior year I had Orchestra, Jazz Lab, Symphonic Band, English, Band Assistant, and Yearbook. That was a rockin' schedule!! Anyway --- I'm "old" enough that foreign language was covered under my humanities credits, and all these music classes got me through.

Now, I wish I'd had the foreign languge. It's weird that everyone else pretty much knows one except me (or at least seems that way). I can say I've learned txt msg language - I can say I've created my own new words, many a time... but no foreign language. I even have to ask friends to help me understand Geek Speak, but there are many times I'm lost by techno-talk that is above my head (I'm a techie-wanna-be...not a techie pro...).

Yesterday in staff coffee this youtube clip was shared. A complete foreign film. Watch and let me know what you think... I'm sure you'll probably understand every single word. (yeah, right! really...watch it right now... please???)


Carrie said...

hahaha!! oh my goodness. the clip started playing and i was really confused as to why you said it was foreign...and then it kept going. i had no idea what he was saying!

Jennifer said...

I'm not sure what the issue is...I had no problem understanding his gibberish ;). I took 5 years of Spanish & what I've discovered is if you don't use it you lose it. I need to brush up on it.


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