The answers...

So, here are the answers...

1) What did Noah say what he was looking forward to most about camping last weekend?? Noah said he was most looking forward to "mama being cold." And I was, at night. Actually I stayed up the latest (surprise surprise) sitting by the campfire. I was surprised at the roller coaster of temperatures we had. At the dock in Florence it was 85, but at our campsite - 65. And then the wind. And then night time. The last two nights it was in the upper 40's. Yeah, that was cold for this southern girl. It was fun, but coffee (my down comforter) wasn't enough.

2) What was our "I'm having a good time" and my "this isn't fun - I don't like it" statement?? So there's a "woo hoo" statement and a "this stinks" statement. This was an ingenius idea by my hubs the last time he and the kids went camping. If we were having a great time, we'd say "flying goat" and when we weren't and felt "this isn't fun/I don't like it" then we would say "I could be at a traffic pull" So random, but so fun.

3) How far did we have to walk to the closest restroom? Too far. I'd guess that it was about a block. I'm not good at guessing yards. I just remember walking, and walking. I really didn't mind it so much (except for the night I heard bats overhead while sitting at the campfire, everyone else was asleep and I needed to take that one last walk before going to sleep - that night it was a little creepy). The best part of it though was that it the sky was filled with all those stars (I blogged about that already).

4) What's your favorite camping memory?? Hmmmm... I love watching Noah come alive when we camp. Not that he's not alive when we are home, but literally he goes into a lil' bit of a back to real world stupor when we get back - it's like a 2-day-funk to work it out. He loves the outdoors and everything that's a part of it...including the cold. He's so cute.

For another take on camping check out my hubs blog.... The Sounds of Nature and My dad… Crazy or Genius??


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