Whatcha think?? (A few guesses from you first...)

Tomorrow I'm probably posting about the beginning of the school year... the next day I'm planning to blog about camping. This past weekend we took a family camping trip to Florence, Oregon (not Italy). Bu before I post... I'd love to hear your guesses about a few questions...

1) What did Noah say what he was looking forward to most about camping last weekend?? (This was obviously a pre-trip statement). What would be your guess??

2) What was our "I'm having a good time" and my "this isn't fun - I don't like it" statement (Steve started this tradition so that we could celebrate or complain while no one around will know what we are talking about...so fun. So there's a "woo hoo" statement and a "this stinks" statement. Any guesses?

3) How far did we have to walk to the closest restroom?

4) What's your favorite camping memory??

Now...back to homework...

P.S. If you want to check out another camping perspective, check out Steve's blog to see it through his eyes...


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