our 2008 Christmas tree...

So...when we decorated the Christmas tree this year (Man we loved our tree...I should tell that story first)...let's start again.

We loved our Christmas tree this year. We were trying to find a "dry" day to go, and Steve had seen a sign just a short ways from our house pointing towards a tree farm (we like cutting down our tree). Anyway - so...the rain stops, things clear and we decide, fairly last minute, to head out to pick up the tree. The Condellos and us hop in cars and head off to a tree farm, literally just 3 or 4 miles from the house (in Michelle measurement standards). Really, it's super close.

We start to head towards the trees, and love the first tree we see. Great color - great shape - just the right height. Well, you can't pick the first tree, right? So we "mark" our tree (no not the way you are thinking...we put a big stick towards the top of it so we'd remember which one it is...). Anyway , we move forward about 2 row and then stop and look at each other and start to chat realizing we've already found our tree why look any further? We totally could have been out there for an hour just looking around. Nope. You could say we took the easy way out --- but I'd say we just scored by finding our family tree right away. So we cut it, carried it, loaded it and brought it home. WOO!HOO!!!

Traditions for tree in our house - we have a home-made tree skirt. Super fancy let me tell ya'. It's a white sheet - wait for it - that we put handprints on each year. So it's kinda cool to watch the kids hands grow. They pick the color paint they want to use, stamp their handprint and then write their names. Next, we alternate between the kids who gets to put the angel on top. And this year couldn't remember whose turn it was...Kaylee was sure it was her turn. Noah was sure it was his. Well sure - who doesn't want to put the angel on top of the tree. So...we resorted to looking at last years pics, and....drum roll please - it was KAYLEE'S turn! She was SOOOOOOO excited. In the midst of decorating the rest of the tree, the kids put our snowflake ornaments close to the window to remind the outside that we wanted to see snow for Christmas...yeah - we had nooooo idea...



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