Anniversary #18...and a little "lump" and a "snow" delay...

So...December 15th. A big day in Unwin family history and story. The day me and my man got married!!! 1990. Wow! 18 years ago! Are you kidding me? Has it been that long? We're approaching that we've been together nearly half of our lives point. Whoa. Crazy. Unbelievable. Fabulous!

So...we only talked about our anniversary for like a month or more before it came - PF Changs...movie...walk & talk. WOO!HOO!! Simple but that's us...just being together is a good thing. A date. YIPPEE!! So...date night #1, a few days before our anniversary got shifted - strep throat. That's right. Oh do I have pics of this? I don't know. Pics of what you ask? Let me tell you.

Noah had a bit of a month in December. He was acting not quite with it...so I kept him home for two days --- he was sooooo sad to miss school, but he was weak, complaining of a tummy ache, just not himself. So...stay home. 2nd day we went to the doctor with him - not because of being pale or not eating but because he had a huge lump (no not a little lump) a giant lump on his neck. Visible. Lumpy. A little freaky. Off to the doctor we go - our favorite doc wasn't in, but we knew he had to be seen. No other "real" symptoms - no fever, ears & throat clear, nothing - if you call a giant neck lump nothing. He said just keep watching Noah - it was probably just a lymph node infection that will go away, but could take 30 days or more! (WHAT!??!!) So...home we go - ibuprofen, blah, blah, blah. He's feeling more like himself the next day --- still no "other" symptoms - so off to school he goes. By Thursday(6 days later) this giant lump is ginormous (is that a word)...so back to the doctor after school. Long story short...my dear boy - Strep...again!! UGH!! Why didn't I get them to test him before. And...Kaylee is along for the ride...who has a sore throat...guess what --- double. Two sick kids. Poor things. They were great sports, but had to stay home... And since strep is contagious...we didn't want to expose our baby sitter to it...so...postponement of celebrating the best hubby ever. (Note - kids went on antibiotics...Noah's neck swelling went down after about 5 days...)

Let's just go out on Sunday after church. Okey dokey. Only to have the beginning of the winter blast (oh wait - they called it Arctic Blast 08)...north of us was worse (which is where PF Changs is...) and the roads were getting worse. So...postponement #2. Only to have school cancelled the whole next week for weather - to get ridiculously fun amounts of snow over the next 8-9 days...at one point it was 18" deep!!WOO!HOO!! But...when they are cancelling work for Steve's company for a WEEK...yeah, it's not necessarily the best travelling conditions. No offense to the area...but yeah, they don't have the equipment to handle the crazy snow we got...so...postpone some more...

So...fast forward to today...still waiting...there have been all kinds of things that have happened...out of our control...so PF Changs is on hold. But you know what. Regardless...I've got the best man there is. My apologies to all of you out there who are married - my man is the best there is. He is absolutely the best. Absolutely fab. Absolutely mine... I'm so grateful for him. Maybe I need to figure out a way to scan pics so you can see us on our "big day" - big hair, puffy sleeves and all... I love ya' babe! Here's to our do-over!! I'm so glad we're Mr. & Mrs. Steve Unwin!!


Melinda said...

Happy belated anniversary! And yes, you got a good one; but in all fairness, he lucked out too! You guys make a beautiful couple.

**Side note: if Will Ferrell says it, then it must be a word...and Will Ferrell does use the word "ginormous"! (lol)


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