Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow...

As I said - we had no idea. It started snowing on Saturday, December 13th. We had snow almost every day through December 25th. One day we had lots of rain, but it was really cold and there was ice on the roads. Another day rain the am, and snow by the late afternoon which brought us over a foot in just a couple of hours...then more steadily over the next couple of hours. At it's height we had 15-18 inches in our yard. Yep - it was soooooo fabulous!

We did lots of night time play! The kids ended up being out of school the whole last scheduled week of classes in December - which meant a 3 week Christmas break. Did we get tired of it? Nope - well, Steve did on a bad driving and snow downpour day - I'll have to tell him to blog about that one and I'll post a link to it when he does... Anyway - night play was a blast. We did snow angels and built snow men. One night we decided to give the kids an early Christmas present and pulled out the sled that they should have gotten as a gift 10 days later...but this snow was a gift and we had no idea how long it was going to stick around. YIPPEE! It was so much fun. Of course the kids thought it was a blast to be out after dark in the snow - staying up late. Drinking hot chocolate! WOO!HOO!! Did I say it was fun?

We spent lots of time at the school playing on the field - climbing the tree - sliding on the slide (oh, I should post that video too) - building an igloo - walking on frozen water patches in the backyard - throwing snowballs...I absolutely loved it all! At it's peak we had about 5-7 inches covered by a layer of ice, covered by another 10-12 inches...the ice was super freaky on the roof, thinking of it falling on someone below. But - the kids loved trying to break off big pieces of it. We built a Pooh & Piglet snow sculpture over at the school - one of the times I didn't have the camera with me...sorry. We loved that we couldn't see our Christmas lights outlining our yard because of the depth of the snow. (or loved the nights when the lights melted the snow away and the lights shone through the snow - way cool). Favorite Noah quotes: "we live in a snowglobe" and "this is the goodest night of my life" Kaylee was just so excited she talked about 2 octaves higher for most of the time... Here are some of my favorite pics. I loved it. Did I say that? It was a blast! Did I say that too? While I don't necessarily love the 3 days being added to the school year --- I'll gladly say - bring some more --- especially like that snow... WOO!HOO!!!



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