A tale of two...

It's Holy Week -- the week we remember and reflect on the last week of Jesus' life (at least I do). At a service on Sunday the pastor talked about how Jesus was a part of two processions - a triumphant procession (Palm Sunday) and a condemning procession (crucifixion day). I have been reading this week through the different accounts of Holy Week in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. And in the midst of it, I've noticed a bunch of "two's" --- here's my list so far...

Two processions – Triumphant and condemning

Two elements – bread and cup

Two betrayals – Judas and Peter

Two requests – stay and pray

Two judges – Herod and Pilate

Two criminals – Jesus and Barabas

Two choices – release Him or crucify Him

Two descriptions – betrayer and friend

Two punishments – flogging and crucifixion

Two tools - Spike and hammer

Two bones – in Jesus' arm

Two thieves – mock him or believe in him

Two reasons - Sacrifice and atonement

Two eternities --- heaven or hell

Two ways to live – for Him or against Him

Have you seen any others? Will you look at Jesus' story and see which "two's" you see?? Will you add to this list?? Will you look back at Jesus' story and think about what He did for you during the course of that last week of His life? with His death? with His resurrection? I know my life hasn't been the same since I pondered this story for myself...and each year as I remember and reflect I am amazed again by the love, the intent, the passion... May you know His love for you today...



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