What's that sound??

I love March Madness. I do. I love college basketball. It's my second favorite sport. Hockey is first. I love filling out my bracket and watching the games and filling in the winners and seeing teams make it to the next round. I love upsets!! It's awesome to watch some seemingly unknown school beat a powerhouse. This year as I was filling out my brackets I kept saying to Steve, there's something not right about this. I know I'm going to be getting things WRONG! I'm not saying that I get them all right...but I can usually hold my own.

This year --- not so much. Here's my Final Four --- Kansas, Kansas State, Villanova and Kentucky. That sound? Yeah, the toilet flushing. That being said I'm LOVING this tournament - lots of really close games, overtime and upsets. It's classic for what the tournament is, can bring and create. Teamwork, excellence and excitement! I love it. Who did you pick for your Final Four?? (Oh, and I picked Kentucky to win... oh well... who's your winner too?)



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