I wasn't nervous, this time...

OK...this past weekend my husband went skydiving. No, I'm not nuts, and he's not nuts. He's wanted to for years, and this was the year. I sent him with 2 other friends, Brian & Erik (it was actually a Father's Day gift for the 3 of them...). I say I "sent" - but the whole family went along of course. It actually turned out to be a 2 week event. The guys were supposed to "jump" last weekend, but the weather didn't cooperate, and the actual jump just had to wait. We thought we were in for the same this past Saturday, but we waited it out longer than the clouds (honestly, I didn't know if we would), but finally the 3 Amigos were called to suit up and get ready to jump.

They were literally giddy. It reminded me of girls at about 11:30 at night - they just get that giddy look and laugh that can't quit. Although at moments you would think the ongoing good-byes meant a pending doom, we were all so excited for them. Now, remember there were 3 families there - 3 wives, 6 kids, and the 3 hubbys up in the air. Once the clouds cleared, the sun was bright. And it just kept us from seeing the plane as it flew over head - we lost it in the sun. Pretty amazing - we're hearing it, but can't see it, and then...chutes begin to open, and the frantic call of "is that him?" begins. "There he is." "That's him." The frustration at not being able to see the plane turned to excitement as we knew they were falling towards the Earth starting at 160+ mph, and then as their chutes opened, they begain their descent with a little less speed, but the same thrill. They all asked for spins and adventure - and they got it. At times their parachutes were vertical as they spun in circles this way - and then they'd straighten out - then they would spin in the other direction. Once they were close enough to the ground you could hear them saying "WOO!HOO! YEAH!" and more. They were having the time of their lives. They deserve it.

I just wanted Steve to know that he is so important to me and that I love him so much. When he went bungy jumping about 14 years ago (I think), I wouldn't go with him. I told him I'd stay home and wait for the phone call from the emergency room after his head crashed to the ground. So why is it that I wasn't nervous at all about him jumping out of an airplane? 13000+ feet in the air. Honestly, the release form you sign is serious business...they all but say - you really don't want to do this, just turn around and go home. That was almost the hardest part for the guys, signing all the acknowledgement of the dangers involved. But you know what. It didn't but me. I wasn't nervous. Am I nuts? I don't know.

But seeing the smile on Steve's face - hearing him scream out of thrill as he came in for a landing - listening to him relive the moments over and over during the last couple of days - it was SO worth it... I am so glad he had the time of his life with some of our lifelong friends. He's still to this day, "the most incredible specimen of the male species on the entire face of the Earth" and I am SO glad I married him. I am blessed beyond belief.



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