How Time Flies...

It's been nearly a month since I posted something on this blog. Man, it seems like yesterday. Time flies, doesn't it. Let's see...what's happened in the last month. Oh wait - I was doing my best to be "all present." That can really be a challenge, don't you think? "All Present" - what on earth am I talking about.

Shortly after my last post, my mom and dad came to visit from Atlanta. We kept them SO busy seeing many local sites, and just being together. The Oregon Coast, Salem Riverfront, Bauman's Farm, the Aviation Museum. But all in all...it was about being all present. Just being with them. Regardless of what we were doing - just being together was worth it.

The next week, we went to visit with my brother, sister-in-law & nephew in Lake Tahoe. A week away - busier I think that any of us expected - but...just being together - that was good enough for me. We did A LOT too...beach, boating/tubing, walking, sight-seeing, taking lots of pictures of the kids playing together...but it was the being together that I'll remember. Regardless of what all happened, I liked being with everyone.

It would have been easy to miss the blessings of those weeks. In the time leading up to them, I was ready for them to be here...and on the days they ended, I didn't want to separated again. And now, here we are, without them here... But there are more moments in the here and now. I cherish those moments we've had...deep in my heart they are important to my soul & well-being. And I can sit and reflect on them (like I am now) and have them bring a smile (and a tear). But I could get caught up in just wishing for yesterday, or dreaming about tomorrow...and not living in the now...and then I'd miss things like watching Noah dance on the back patio today while eating his popsicle, or reading 2 books with Kaylee while she sat miserably sick on the couch, or listening to Steve talk about his new job, or while at church listening to someone talk about their cousin's funeral that day. I could have just cleaned, done the laundry, raced around fixing some tech something, said "wait just a minute" again, and again, and again...

I've never been great at setting goals. That's not a strong-suit for me. I have things I want to get done, sure, but I'm not good at making and keeping track of goals. I can keep up with so many details in my head it freaks me out sometimes. At other times, I can't even remember why I left one room and what I went into the next room to get.

But I do know this --- God wants us to make the most of every opportunity. He wants us to be all present - and to cherish the moment we are having, and those we are experiencing it with. He wants us to give our absolute best in the moment we have. He wants us to be reminded of just how much He loves us, and how we should love others, because He first loved us. He wants us to care for others, in a way that shows His love for each of us. He wants us to tell anyone and everyone we can that He loves them, and longs to be their best friend. We can't do that if we're only thinking about weeks, months, years from now. Do we need to think about it? Absolutely. Planning is important on so many different levels...but if you miss out on the now, then what is all the planning for... Note to self... Carpe diem - seize the day! (That's for you Steve!!)



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