Whatcha reading??

I like to read. I remember about a year ago saying I wanted to read more. Little did I know how that little hope would come true. As I mentioned then I'm surrounded at work by learners --- people who just soak up written word - I haven't always been the best at it... I remember in high school finding out before summer break what the required reading was for the following year, because I knew I would never read it when I "had" to... I'd read books over the summer (in addition to the other summer reading required), then when it came time to discuss it for class I'd skim it trying to remember.

Now --- I'm reading a bunch. I admit - a bunch of it is for school. Wait - have I mentioned that anywhere?? OK - 3 steps back. I'm a student at Crown College. (Steve loves saying he's married to a co-ed!) I have not yet completed my bachelors degree, and am on schedule to finish May 2011. I've thought about finishing it a couple of times in the past, but I'm in the midst of applying for licensing with the C&MA, and one requirement is 30 hours of Bible, of which I had none, prior to last October. Now, I'm finished with a year of school, and have a 3.84 GPA, and will have my bachelors degree in Christian Ministry next spring. Classes last 5 weeks each and at times, yes, it's a challenge to get everything done. Good thing I'm a night owl!

Anyway --- one of the things I get to do is read. Going to school has really challenged me not to just take things at face value, like the topics we're discussing, but to really dig in deeper to what I'm learning about. At times, I'll be honest, I haven't necessarily loved the book we were reading so I'd go find another one on the topic to read. Balance that with reading other things for work, reading with the kiddos, and trying to read just for the fun of it...WHEW!!! (NOTE: Kaylee has been a reading machine this summer...and Noah read 3 chapters of a Magic Tree House book to himself tonight! WOW!)

OK...so what have I been reading. Here's a few that I've read in the last couple of months. (OK, it may go back to last fall). (I tried to do pics of each of these covers...and it's just not looking like I want... so, here's a list instead... in no particular order!)

Same Kind of Different as Me, Denver Moore and Ron Hall
66 Love Letters, Dr. Larry Crabb
Axiom, Bill Hybels
Gifted to Lead, Nancy Beach
Crazy Love, Francis Chan
Forgotten God, Francis Chan
Just Walk Across the Room, Hybels
Do Hard Things, Alex & Brett Harris
Knowledge of the Holy, A.W. Tozer
Strengthfinders, Tom Rath
Church Unique, William Mancini
Living by the Book, Howard Hendricks
Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis
So Long Insecurity, Beth Moore
Lillian Trasher, and other missionary biographies
Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell (try Blink & The Tipping Point too!)

Here's a few on my list...
Radical, David Platt (just started it)
Parenting from the Pew, Castleman
Plan B
The American Church in Crisis, David T. Olson
Cold Tangerines...and Bittersweet (right Bex??)

I know I have more, but that's what I can remember... what have you read lately? What should I add to my list?? Hmmm... maybe we could have a blog off about books... maybe in 41 days... =)


Bex said...

Great post. Nice book list! But I'm pretty sure most of those aren't for school! Where do you find the time? And, move Cold Tangerines and Bittersweet waaaay up that list, girl. :-)

Michelle said...

I posted this link on my fb too... here are some more of their suggestions...

Here Comes Heaven, The Tatooed Rats (interesting, teem oriented), The Faith Dare, Hearing God, Slave Hunter (hard read, lots to process she said but good), The Hole in Our Gospel, How to make your kids mind without losing yours, and Angus, Thongs & Full-frontal snogging "don't let the title fool you, it's not as bad as it sounds,but it sure is funny"

So there ya' go... =) My list continues to grow...

Michelle said...

@ Bex --- you're right... most of them aren't. Time --- don't forget... my fam is usually asleep @ 8 pm, and I'm a night owl. And now that school is out, I have lots of time...although I confess fall plans are creeping into that - and that's all good!

Bex said...

that's so nice!


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