"Everyday Greatness" - a great book...

About time I blogged again huh? Little did I know I'd say something about wanting to read more...and then have it take me so long to let you know how I'm doing with that. Yes - I've been reading more. I've read quite a bit actually. Most have been shorter-style books - mostly related to ministry stuff I admit --- mostly related to something we're excited about for student ministries this fall... and this book is no doubt included in that list.

I'll be honest - when I joined in the Thomas Nelson blog review team I thought I wanted to snag a book that would be an easy read, simple, so that I could move quickly to the next one. I picked Everyday Greatness, by Steven Covey. It mentioned articles from other authors that I have interest in and enjoy so thought, sure, why not, that'll be a good first book. Again - I thought it'd be an easy quick read to just check off my list. HA!HA! Little did I know the nuggets of wisdom I would find (and am still finding and will continue to find inside the cover).

Everyday Greatness is a compilation of stories and insights from those who would be considered "well-known" and many who I would call "should-be-known". Targeting about 19 different character traits or schools of thought that clearly transform lives - you read 2-3 real-life stories that pinpoint the heart of these traits. Afterwards you find quotes, questions to ponder, and thoughts from Covey. This is why this book has been something to pour over - not just plow through. It's taken me on a personal journey of discovering a deeper desire to live my life with purpose to make the most of every moment - to honor the calling and opportunities that come my way - to take a look at what really is important to me, and to challenge me to not take for granted the chances that come my way to make a difference. In the big - the small - in my attitude, my actions, my heart, my challenge to others - by my example, my speech and my beliefs.

Personally this book has been an encouragement and a challenge. As a youth pastor, I've honestly thought about having this book be the framework for our curriculum for the year - it's literally spelled out - and an important challenge to our students today. I'd say it's much more like a daily read/study/devotion type book than a sit down and read straight through book. Not to say you couldn't do that. You totally can - but for where I've been, where my heart is, the journey I'm on - it's worked better for me to go steady and slow. And that's why it's taken me a while to blog about it. Get it. It's worth it. But go into it asking God to change you from the inside out, so that you can change the world. It makes it soooo much better with that framework.


Bex said...

Awesome! Thanks for this post, Michelle. It sounds like a great read! I'm always looking for new, great books.


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