Do you ever laugh at yourself?

OK...last night - I was literally laughing and in tears at the same time. I don't know even now how I did it. We were cleaning up the kitchen, and I went to close the pantry door. I was talking to Steve and turned to say something at the same time I was closing the door (are you starting to picture this...) Yep - I slammed that door right into the side of my nose as I turned. Even writing this I don't feel like I'm describing it right for you to picture it --- but I can tell you I heard a crack and saw stars, and had to stand leaning up against the wall for a little while. I didn't want to laugh because it hurt so bad (it still hurts today). Then I'd laugh because it was so ridiculous and hysterical.

I also came up with one of my infamous Michelle-isms (Steve loves making fun of me with these). I think what I said last night was "golly schmolly"! That is worth a laugh all by itself.

I did the same thing a couple of days ago when I was rearranging furniture and was pushing our sleeper sofa across the room. That was hysterical! Why did I think I could just move a sleeper sofa by myself? I kept laughing because I'd push the couch as hard as I could and it would move, oh, an inch or so. One time I pushed so hard but it didn't move and I fell over it onto the cushions. I was cracking up...all by myself.

I admit it - I can be a mess. I can be goofy. I can be, well, stupid. (I don't use that word very often, mostly because I have tried to get the kids not to say it...but sometimes, there's just not another word.) I mean really, who closes the door on their nose? And then talks about it on a blog? Do you ever do something like that? If nothing else, I hope you laugh at yourself sometimes. Whether you do something funny (or stupid), or someone makes fun of you (and it really is funny), or you just need to laugh - do it! Laugh out loud! I can tell you from experience it's a blast!!



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